What's inside a DJI Drone

- Welcome back to What's Inside.
Today, we have something that we've been
waiting for for a super long time.
An awesome drone.
- We have been watching videos
of people filming with drones
for the longest time.
And, we've wanted one.
They're a little out of our price range.
The price for a Phantom 3 Standard
just dropped to under $500 on Amazon.
So, we were pumped.
We got one of these.
We are gonna do some fun stuff with it
before we actually cut it open.
- I'm so excited.
That is sweet.
Look at that.

- It shoots in HD.
And, you can watch it
in HD while it's flying.
It has two sets of wings so
that when you break them,
which I'm sure we're going to do,
we have another one that we can put on.
We decided that we're gonna do
something a little bit crazy.
- [Lincoln] We're going to
go drone skeet shooting.
- We need to figure out how to fly it,
so we can beat Derral and his
family at this competition.
So, linking.
First thing you're going to do,
don't touch those paddles,
but touch that button right there.
And, it'll take off by itself.
Slide that over.
You're flying a drone, Lincoln.
Where are you going?
Are you actually moving it?
- [Lincoln] Yep.
- [Dan] He doesn't need any instructions.
He just starts taking over.
(hip hop music)
Oh my gosh.
Lincoln is a pro.
This is easy, Derral.
You're going down.
This is going to be fun.
Let's go shooting.
(hip hop music)
(hip hop music)
That was an amazing experience, right?

- That was fun.
- I loved it.
- If you want to see who actually
shot this out of the sky,
you're gonna have to go
watch the Geekify guys video.
How many times did you crash this guy?
- Not once.
- So, the first thing is, let's
take off this orange tape.
And then, let's take off these wings.
And, let's take the top off and see
what's inside of this bad boy.
(hip hop music)
Ok, so here is the drone up close.
I was trying to figure out
where the bullet entered,
if it went in here by the battery pack,
or if it came into the side.
You can tell it entered right here.
That's where it was hit.
And then, it went through.
And, it hit the corner
of this battery pack.
That's why it's so hard to come out.
And, if you take a look at the pack,
there's where it hit.
It just hit the corner and knocked it out.
Killed the power.
And, the drone went down.
It's pretty sweet.
The question is can we just pull it,
and break it off here.

That worked.
Ok, Lincoln, you ready for this?
- [Lincoln] I think I am.
- [Dan] Look at this, cool.
- [Lincoln] That's cool as black.
Most of the things that
we cut up are green.
- [Dan] This is the compass
for the GPS portion.
It has this copper wire that feeds to it.
And, it feeds back into the motherboard.
I am not going to go and explain to you
what is inside of that thing.
I'm gonna let Derral tell us.
Because, he has a lot of
experience with these drones.
- Only with the experience
of crashing these things.
But, you have a little
USB slot right here.
And, it does come with software.
So, you could actually hook this
into your computer.
And then, it helps
calibrate your drone itself.
I love about this new one is this gimble,
that's all shot up and destroyed.
But, we used to actually have
to install stuff like this.
And, it used to cost right around $600
just to install a gimble that we could
actually put out go throw on.
And now, you can get like
a drone for the same price.
This is where the controller
for the gimble is,
you know, what we
actually had to solder on
is now right in the board itself.
- Good thing for us is we destroyed one.
But, we have another one
that we can play with,
and go fly and learn,
and get some awesome shots.
If you guys enjoyed those few little shots
of us shooting a drone out of the sky,
you're gonna love the full entire video
of the competition.
- It was epic.
You have to watch it for sure.
(hip hop music)