Top 4 Drone Inventions for 2016

We're really excited to introduce the
PlexiDrone we have thought about the things
That people don't really think about how
do you improve drone technology how do
you make it accessible to everyone.
How do you inspire people to create using
drone technology

At Dreamqii Robotics we believe technology should be building bridges towards new levels of creativity
and productivity rather than barriers
and the PlexiDrone is one of those Technologies
A drone that you can snap
together and take apart in less than one minute
And when you're done you just put
it into your hard shell backpack and
Take it anywhere that you want to go the
Plexi pack is something we designed in
order to carry everything you need to
capture all the great shots do you want
And carry it with you everywhere you go
anywhere you can go with a backpack you
can take the PlexiDrone. With the PlexiDrone
you can carry more than just a camera
with a very simple payload clips are
able to just snap on whatever it is that
you want to put on there it's so simple.

Another unique feature about the PlexiDrone
is that it has a retractable landing gear.
You will no longer have any kind of
junk in your shot you never have to crop
anything out at the bottom it's just gonna
be clear beautiful 360 view
On the PlexiDrone, GPS follow me is an amazing
feature all that you do is press follow me
On your mobile device on your phone
or your tablet and it's as easy as that.
It's gonna be very very easy to use everybody
has a smartphone now great now you just
saved yourself 800 bucks for a controller
aside from that you're also able to
control more than one of them at the
same time you will definitely find no
Drones that you can control using our swarm
technology it's completely new something
you won't find anywhere else that means
that you're able to view the same scene
from multiple vantage points you get the
same shot with one user but many Drones.
Our Drone is equipped with an ultrasonic
sensor at the front of it.

It will flash it's lights and give you an audio message to let you know that you're getting in his path
You don't have to interpret blinking LED lights because it
tells you and its own voice
realization sequence completed are you
even going to use me.
PlexiDrone is going to unleash new dimensions of creativity and productivity and take your camera to
Places that you never thought were
possible in order for us to realize our
Dream we need your support any
support that you can give to us to bring
The PlexiDrone to market would be extremely valuable even just sharing our story with your friends
What we're here to do is to re-imagine what
Drone technology means to all of us
PlexiDrone is ready
My name is Laurent Eschenauer I'm co-founder of Fleye
I'm really passionate about new technologies and a naturally thing I love was Drone technologies.
When I first met them a few years ago
I'm convinced that in the future we'll have flying robots around us helping us in a world
But before that we must overcome a few challenges in particular with respect to safety and usability.

So what we did at Fleye is to go back to a drawing board and invent the flying robot of the future.
It had to be safe, robust and with a
great user experience.
We've been hacking around in my ethic for about a year building prototypes out of Belize wood and DIY electronics.
And after many many trials Fleye eventually stayed in the air and proofed to us that it was all possible.
So based on this we went to convince Pierre L'Hoest
Who is a famous Belgian entrepreneur but also a talented Drone pilot.
He became really enthusiastic about the project and decided to invest.
What makes Fleye design to innovative.
It's made of a single shielded propeller and 4 control vanes for stability.
It has the same size and weight of a soccer ball
It's packed with sensors a powerful on-board computer, HD-camera and a WiFi connection.
We wanted Fleye to be smart and autonomous.
So you don't have to be always piloting it.
You can select a simple mission through the mobile app and just enjoy the live streaming.
Fleye is a lot of fun to play and interact with
but it's more than a toy.
It's really a platform on which you invent
the future of flying robots.
We have 2 API's and an SDK which enables people to create applications for controlling Fleye remotely.
Or one on the on-board computer
In Trans-Linux and supports the popular computer vision library OpenCV
You can make Fleye autonomously detect what it sees
Like tracking someone or something in the wall.
Fleye is really amazing because it's in the air but it doesn't seem mechanical
When I saw the Fleye the first time flying I was really impressed about the simplicity of the construction
It's so amazing simple and if it comes too close you can just push it away
We now have a complete functional prototype of Fleye and we're ready to enter the production stage.
So when you support us on Kickstarter you're showing us that you share our vision and our enthusiasm.
So we invite you to join the Flight crew. Make a pledge and let's build the future of flying robots together.