TEENS vs. DRONES (REACT - People vs. Technology)

(clinking, dialing sounds)
♪ (industrial music) ♪
♪ (synthesizer music) ♪
(Finebros) Today we have
some new technology for you.
Yes! Give it to me!
(Finebros) Specifically this.
What is this flying machine?
Oh my god, it looks like an ant.
It's cute. It's red and black.
It reminds me of a little ladybug.
It's like a little hovercraft.
I guess they're calling them
drones nowadays.
It's, like, all over the Internet.
Seems like a drone.
I do video and stuff. We use drones a lot.
It's a drone of some sort.
It looks like it has
a microphone and a camera.
(Finebros) This is a UAV,
or an unmanned aerial vehicle.
I know what a UAV is.
It tells you where your enemies are.
(Finebros) It's also known as a "drone."
A drone! I know what a drone is.
Is this military, like--
should I not be touching it?
(Finebros) This drone is made
by the company Parrot,
and you can actually fly it
using an app on your phone.
That is so cool!
That's sick. That's so cool!
(Finebros) We'll show you how to use it,
- then you're gonna fly it.
- Hopefully this isn't too hard.
Okay, I'm excited. I'm gonna do this.
♪ (synthesizer music) ♪
It's like a video game--
like, joystick and then a button.
I think this is to ascend
and descend, left and right.

Three, two, one, liftoff.
- (drone buzzing)
- Okay, there it goes.
Oh my god!
- (drone clatters)
- Aah!
Oh my god, oh my god!
How do I stop it? How do I stop it?
- (drone brushes mic)
- (whimpering)
I'm so confused!
Holy [bleep]!
What am I supposed to do?
- (drone buzzing calmly)
- (gasps)
It works.
This is my little assistant.
His name is Charlie.

It is pretty cool and different.
I mean, I've never seen
anything like this before.
It's moving. Oh god. Oh god.
No, come back. Okay, okay, come back.
Don't hit them. Don't hit them. Come back.
(metal clink, buzzing stops)
Oh, whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa!
(laughing) One of the
propeller things fell off.
This is really fun.
I am moving the drone towards me.
This is one of the easiest things
that I've ever controlled before.
I don't think it's too difficult.
And also, I feel like,
once you get the hang of it,
it gets a lot easier.
Go get me some coffee.
The engineering is amazing on this.
Like, I'm trying to figure out
how they got this to work.
I'm totally geeking out right now.
This is so cool.
(Finebros) Now try to double-tap the icon.
Double-tap. Double-tap.
(drone wavers)
Is this gonna do a spin?

Whoa! A side-flip, okay.
Whoa! Oh, I missed that. I looked over.
Oh no, don't hit the table.
Oh wow, that's so cool.
It scares me every single time.
(short, high-pitched screams)
(Finebros) Now, go ahead and try to land.
Landing. I can just press that?
This thing is crazy!
It goes off on its own
and it does its own thing.
You always have your phone with you,
and it's easier to carry a phone
around than a controller.
(Finebros) So this drone has
a camera on the bottom of it,
- and you can take a picture with it.
- Yes! That's so cool!

(whispers) I can spy on people.
Could you take a selfie?
Like, ultimate selfie?
Like a "drelfie."
- (drone buzzing)
- All right.
(shutter clicks)
(drone buzzing)
(shutter clicks)
(drone buzzing)
(shutter clicks)
(drone buzzing)
Can the selfie activate?
(shutter clicks)
It was very fun to fly the drone.
It was so hard to work with at first,
but then I finally got it.
It's like training a Pokémon or whatever.
Like, you gotta keep on training
so you have good control over it.
This was very fun,
and I could probably sit here
for a good 20 hours just playing it.
(Finebros) This drone
is more for recreation,
but this technology is being
used for all kinds of things,
from delivering medical supplies
to heavier things like
government surveillance
to fun things like aerial photos
and companies wanting to use it
to deliver packages.
What do you think about that?
I feel like they could just change the way
that people do everything
in their daily lives.
We just have to use them for good,
'cause they can also
be used for a lot of bad.
That's cool. Like drones are being used
for all these kinds of
different cool things.
But it makes me nervous
that they're gonna take over.
(Finebros) So would you recommend this?
I definitely recommend it.
I think it's really awesome.
I would!
I think it's really cool.
I like it. Highly recommend it.
Definitely. It's awesome.
I would recommend it to people
who find these things interesting.
Yeah. Just use it.
This is next-gen technology right here.
I think it's really cool,
and it's definitely the future.
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Bye, guys! Bye, drone.
(drone buzzing)
♪ (industrial music) ♪