Shooting DJI Drones with Shotguns

(drone humming)
(gun shot)
(crowd cheers)
(crowd cheers)
(gun shot)
(crowd laughs and cheers)
- Hey guys!
We are so excited, because
we're gonna shoot five drones
out of the air with shotguns.
And we invited our friends, What's Inside.
And I'm gonna literally
show you what's inside
after I blow it out of the sky.
- It sounds so ridiculous,
but that's why I love it.
- So, let's do this thing.
- [Voiceover] Wow.
- [Voiceover] Drone
verse Jared, round one.
- [Voiceover] Whenever you're ready.
- Whenever I'm ready? (laughs)
(gun shot)
- [Crowd] Whoa!
- Did I get it?
- [Voiceover] No, not even close.
- [Voiceover] It'll probably
fall out of the sky.
- [Voiceover] Did I get?
Yeah, it's dead.

- [Voiceover] You can't
even load the shotgun.
- [Jared] It's jammed.
- [Voiceover] Jared's got a
big gun, we're all worried.
(gun shot)
(crowd cheering)
- [Voiceover] Jared
verse drone, round three.
(gun shot)
(crowd cheering)
- [Voiceover] That's three shots.
- [Jared] I've got one
more in the chamber.
- [Voiceover] Oh, come on now.
You only get three shots.
- [Jared] I've got one more.
- [Voiceover] No more.
- [Jared] Come on.

Can I?
- [Voiceover] So close, no.
- [Voiceover] Do it!
- [Jared] Do it?
- [Voiceover] Yeah!
(gun shot)
- [Crowd] Oh!
- [Voiceover] Out a little further.
- [Voiceover] You're gonna
give that easy to him.
(gun shot)
- [Crowd] Oh! (laughs)
(cheering and laughing)
- [Stuart] Yeah, that's right!
First shot!
Boom, it's down.
(gun shot)
(crowd cheering)
- [Voiceover] Get it
away, go the other way.
(gun shot)
- [Crowd] Oh!
- That's my dad.
- [Voiceover] You're still a wash.
- Gotta put it out of its misery.
(gun shot)
- I think it's dead now.
- [Voiceover] All right, you ready?
- [Voiceover] Unpredictable.
(crowd shouting)
- [Voiceover] Go the other way.
- I'm sorry, I'm like seriously scared.
(crowd shouting)
(gun shot)
(crowd shouting)
(gun shot)
- [Crowd] Oh!
- Wait, wait, wait, wait, let me, oh!
I almost had it.
(gun shot)
(crowd cheering)
- Third time, third shot, baby.
- Fire!
(gun shot)
- [Crowd] Oh.
- [Voiceover] Yeah, some bb's hit it.
(gun shot)
(crowd shouts)
(gun shot)
- Failed.
- [Voiceover] He's not trying.
I can confirm.
- [Voiceover] Here we go, here we go.
(gun shot)
- [Crowd] Oh!
- [Voiceover] That was awesome!
- Why shoot it once when
you could shoot it twice?
(drone humming)
So what we're gonna do is,
if you can't hit it,
then I'm playing clean up, oh yeah.
- AR 15.

(wind blowing)
- [Voiceover] Whoa, whoa, whoa!
(crowds shouts and laughs)
- Stuart!
- That was the last drone!
- I am no longer the
worst pilot of the day.
(drone humming)
- All right, we'd like
to thank the Geekify gang
for coming out.
Especially for What's Inside.
And what are you gonna
do with this drone now?
- So the good thing is,
this drone is still pretty much intact.
It won't fly again, the
bullet went right through it.
But we're gonna take this thing
apart and look inside of it
and see how it functions.
So, thanks a lot to the Geekify guys
for sending us out here.
We had a blast today.
- And if you wanna check out that video,
it's somewhere on this video.
Somewhere right there.
But also, we wanna know
what you guys want us to do.
We wanna geek out, right?
- Yeah, and be sure to let us know
who you want us to do it with.
- That didn't sound very good.
- What?
- Just hit subscribe.
- All right, ladies and gentlemen,
may present tonight's winner...
Was it me?
No I got the least amount of points.
Derral is the champion of the night.
If you disagree, which I kind of do,
let us know in the comments below,
who you think actually won.
- You didn't even hit anything.
- That doesn't matter.
That's irrelevant to the situation.
(gun shots)
- We're gonna give you a zero out of ten.