1st time flying a Photography Drone

there was interesting places for a few
shots aren't they
and something which I think it's really
kinda interesting about this place
is the clock tower if you look higher
up there on the tower there's a
one-handed clock
and I can't help but think with the
shape for the roof
on the into the building the that would
really make quite a cool shot
if we could kinda get up clock level and
look along the building to see what it looks like
that could be really really cool
unfortunately not even I can levitate
but luckily I know man who can Simon
Mr. Browne Fancy seeing you ,
English country
what a bizarre
coincidence anyone would think it was set up
wouldn't I so Simon I understand you can
levitate me up above that roof so I can
I shot of
that clock which I'm kinda interested in
we're gonna get you levitating
and it's gonna be fun I'm gonna do it
safely and we're gonna go through a few
safety procedures
fantastic I don't wanna get bruised guys me may well I met Simon before in
some other videos Simon is my partner in
crime in the Myanmar  Photo Workshop
which we run each year he's been flying
drones commercially for well
right since the days in infancy and I
believe we're going to Cambodia right
after Myanmar this year yep so  if you can't
make a
Myanmar we're gonna go to cambodia and
another workshop there about a week
put it in your diary exellent get that plug over
right Ok so I believe you're going to levitate  me with
one of  these bad boys yes we are
to talk me through Simon  what is this
one okay well this is a
well as you but he said i've been
involved in its infancy
used to cover them together with the two
pieces of aluminium and rotors and there
was a lot of cut calculations
you had to I'm workout you know prop
sizes motors
factories and it was pretty complicated
than the same pretty techy stuff
but now the technology is out of the box
everything's being
thought  3-4 years about the
correct size for the props the motors
The battery the power to weight ratio
so it pretty means that its plug and play
at the box and anyone can fly
I mean it's a  suspicion looking aerodynamic
cool looking shape so to the peace of kit
yeah and i mean this what this means what gets me is  this
little tiny camera on here tell me about
camera so basically
just touch back in the air these are my
favorites is made by DJ I

and as said it's  plug and play out in
the box and they have this wonderful
gimble here which will show you the
gimbal later but it keeps the camera
absolutely stable in the southern il
Sports Action Camera here
that shoots 12 megapixels and I've set
it up it also
records full HD videos well so
we're gonna be shooting both video and
stills at the same time as a bonus
what a bonus  so you're gonna get
Brownes eye view of  levitation
that's right I always knew  he was good I didn't
quite know he was omnipotent
how much one rig like this
cost I'm well the basic you're talking
by the time you get that the monitor and
everything you're talking about between
900 to 1200 pounds
but you can get them cheaper this is a
more premium brand but I'm
it does everything is at as
advertised and
you know there's no headache with that
and it it performs fantasticly
yeah absolutely willing to put it down
before I break it
so I  mean I know that these things are
selling like hotcakes certainly in the
I is there any licensing involved with
any to fly one all
how does that work if I'm going to do a
paid job with it
I need to obtain a license permission to
from the Civil Aviation Authority I'm

the and civil aviation authority if you
look on the website they have certain
guidelines have guidelines for
I'm somebody obviously wants to do it
for fun okay and
the guidelines are is common sense
basically  not flying over crowded
people because if it drops is gonna ruin
your day
and somebody else day  absolutely downsize
the traffic down
sort of  and if you're gonna fly over
someone's property make sure you have
permission causes of the privacy laws as
I am it's not over 400 feet
a in altitude and certainly not within
five kilometers an air field yeah
obviously aware that should be
seriously dangerous getting one into traffic
that air traffic
yeah yeah so basically it's common sense
I'm you know it's a if you get this if
you get it commercially then you have to
go and do some approved courses where
this proper pilot  training
checking at air frame for  safety operations
and then NCAA will give you permission
fly it  commercially  got you
brilliant stuff
so can i have a go with you  mate,  yes let's
get you up in the air
awesome! Ok let's
go and see what we can do this way
yeah sure OK

that's like a good spot to take off from
okay so OK I'm gonna do is i'm gonna
launch it
will gonna hover  and you're going to
get a feel for the sticks okay
okay so about Jimmy you're flying a
level  two fighter aircraft and you got a  joy
stick it between myself I they had their
im quite nervous about this cause  dont want to trash you drone
forward is forward. backwards is backwards - which stick
forward,backwards,left and right
and this is up for a full - so up and down
and then you ring to a left and to our
right  that's the twisty thing
oh ok right got it
okay you ready
yeah and if I let go the everything i will just
stay there
it will just hover  in his position but by GPS okay
acquisition and it will stay there it
will just hover
okay see that need to be scared at all because we'll it's just gonna sit there
and will  just gonna do very very small
inputs I'm ready overexcited yeah okay
okay lets stand by
okay let's move back okay
so this is like so we can see where It is
in relation to the church yeah
think a okay now you can see we're just hovering there
yeah so you have control eek
this is  very exciting okay
okay so if I wanna go up very gentle
movements forward is up
up yeah got it okay come down
don't get too carried away gently gently

yeah I am come down come down okay
yeah okay that's perfect perfect nice
ok  just hit a hover there just get a fill for it and that is a movement
ok so go  left yeah come
back to your right
remember it's your  right there  i know which one is my right and left
forward okay now I want me to land
back on top gently down down down
can keep going down keep going down  perfect
look at that
look at that to okay Italy
gently are I;m not doing anything it's
getting itself little litte bit of
the crosswind there you go
how do you stop it
I crashed his copter  these
are tricky arent there i can absolutely
see why -e that's why I said it's
you need some spatial awareness
but also somebody light learning
so mean I have a spatial awareness
good coz
haven't got flying helicopter real one
I dont  know how to stop it that so I put
it down
we've forgot  i forgot to say how do i  turn it off when i've
right okay and so im like holding it  going
right now what do I do and as soon as I
let go it start going bonkers
that's a  lesson I can see this is also a
classic example
on how it can go wrong i mean you must
understand what you doing cuz if you
gonna fly one of these things in a
same area where there's a lot of people
imagine the damage you could do if you
think that's ok oh how do I stop again then it goes
careering off and smashes into
somebody's child or something like that
it is really important not to mention the
fact you cameras hanging off i  dont know if it's
broken a minor damage  minor damage okay we're
gonna cut you is in come back to this
in  tick  when we've assessed the
problem help
right crash repair
done the camera was not to have nothing
serious these things
you know they will go  with
rubber grommets bands and things like  that so
they are pretty sturdy but  anyway care needs
to be taken
and there you go I didn't know I have to
stop it when I land cuz i was too excited
thinking about filming
we really take care of these things guys
even though they're brilliant tools
and I'm not saying don't use them right
so I had a little bit a tuition
further instruction are you ready to go
again yes I'm confident landed
successfully several times now okay
so feeling shagreen this is brown
you have control I'm all
so we're gonna be taken off  will gonna be
going up there
yeah along the roof to take a picture
the clock clock right
so we know what we're doing
that's to into the middle okay fifty percent
go back to the throttle to let go let go
now go back to your command stick
throttle up then we take off and
would just get level okay
okay now try to orientate yourself with
direction of the craft like that
to my right a little bit, that's good
so fly overhead forward forward forward that's it keep it away from you
okay and up
and down
see the orientation that's cool  here
just hovering up there nicely
good idea okay now dont look at the drone  just look at the screen
yeah okay just concentrate on the screen
cuz you're flying its by monitor
okay that's it okay just up slightly up
that's it that\s it good good good up up up
yep okay yeah now inches forward  slowly forward forward forward
come closer to it
the clock phase yea yea that's it ok
no no no don't  push it you can but it's
pushing yourself you know you are not comfortable yet
yeah you need a bit more practice here , so it's a bit of a breeze so
do i need to press anything to take the
photo or no cuz we set it
shooting video and shooting time lapse at the same time
yeah I'm shooting time that's the same
thing I okay
now bring it back slowly , easy back
easy,steady gently not too fast cuz we're shooting  video so wanna have smooth
track of video as well  that's it that's it good
you over the top now you're coming back okay okay
that's good that will bring you down
that's it just lower it down
I tell you what, you land it
i have control
you just take that down, here we go
awesome, well done,awesome
mate that was awesome so
there we go so that's kind of like
guys that's that's really all there is
to it and that's all there is to it
it's a lot more to it , you are  watching this video
and to you it's like aahh  okay they spent 10 minutes at
everyone of those
we've been  all afternoon filming this okay
there's a lot of work that's involved into
these things
but look in the nutshell you can see kind of like
needs a bit of care but also look how exciting this is
just try responsibly and I'm within
your limits and your comfort zone.
absolutely so here we go there's you've seen bits of footage of what we
we've been doing that
there's our shot, sky is the limit
and yet so you gonna get yourself one?
oh no not yet
probably if i master it , i think so too
ok let's go
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