The Usage of Drones In Our World

I'm here to talk about the inevitable word: drones. What's the first thing that comes to your mind? The first image that conjures up in your brain when it comes to drones? I want you to hold that for one minute because I'm going to ask you about it again here.

If you look back in the history of technology, the history of the unknown and the future, people are generally frightened by the advances in technology, advances in innovation and technology. Look at the automobile, for example. When the automobile was first invented people thought they were a bit strange. They didn't really know what they were, but generally harmless.

It wasn't until a mass part of the population started driving automobiles that they realized, wow, there's a lot of dangers, a lot of hazards associated with driving vehicles. One judge went so far to say that vehicles should be banned. They should be classified on the same level as a ferocious animal. Computers, cellphones, have had the same fear mongering when they first were invented.

When Drones Are New

When computers were first invented people thought that they were going to take over the world. There would be a mass apocalypse. People would be enslaved by computers. That there was going to be privacy issues, privacy apocalypse. Same with cellphones. Everybody's going to have no direct human to human contact anymore. Every time we've given a potentially revolutionary idea, a revolutionary technology an opportunity to thrive for good, to thrive for good within the civilization, generally it's helped everybody out for the better.

You look at the new technologies that are coming today and people are still fear mongering. People are fear mongering on drones. People don't really know what they're doing. Yes, they're automated. They're intelligent, to some level depending on the software. They have great hardware inside. Generally, people don't really know what they're doing.

I go back and ask that question again. What is that first image that popped into your head upon hearing the word drones? Does it look something like this? Privacy issues, spying on everyday populations, drones loitering overhead spying on everyday citizens as they're living their daily lives. How about this: a military drone. From my background as a pilot in the military and flying this exact aircraft, I can tell you right now that this is not a drone, despite what the media tells you. This is not a drone. A drone is a fully autonomous aerial vehicle that transmits data, processes data, and gives the data back and moves completely autonomously during that mission. This aircraft has none of those features. It actually requires more pilot input than a lot of manned aircraft because it is a remote control aircraft just beefed up for military purposes. That's exactly what it is: an RPA, remotely piloted aircraft.

The Idea Of The Drone

I have to give the military some credit. They did come up with the initial idea of a drone. They had this idea of long endurance, long distance flight. They did kind of come up with the idea of what a drone actually is, but it's the power, the power of the civilian market to use our imaginations and innovation to propel this industry for the good of society, for the good of mankind. For example, saving lives. Currently, maritime operations around the entire world use ships and manned aircraft to search for people missing at sea. Very inefficient, very costly. Not to mention, it's like finding a needle in the haystack because it uses the naked eye and thermal imaging to try to find people. However, for the more common drones (ie: like our list at ), you're going to find that they are quite harmless.
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Top 5 Drones you should buy

With the skies filling up with UAV / Drones, it is only a matter of time before they become very heavily regulated and that is why now is the time to get one as there is still some flexibility in terms of their use.

 So the question is, how do you choose the best drone for you? Likely we have created a mini guide just for you to help you with making that decision.

 How To Choose The Best Drone For You 

Material used and quality is an important factor in the decision making process, but so too is power, portability, battery specs, manoeuvrability, camera and other accessories… all these factors also determine the price of your flying machine. 

 One of the first considerations should be your piloting skills. Are you new at this or do you have some experience in flying drones? 

 So Which Is The Best Drone? 

This is clearly based on our preference and by no means do we want to act biased, but if we were asked which brand is at the top of our list, we would have to say DJI. 
If you were to ask which model is the best, then we would say hands down the DJI Mavic Pro. So let’s continue with our list and show you which are the best 5 drones on our list: 

 1. DJI Mavic Pro 

No surprise there then? But here are the reasons we think this is top of the list: 

  •  Very Portable 
  •  Extremely compacted 
  •  Obstacle avoidance 
  •  Films in 4K & HD 
  •  Light weight 

 This amazing machine can fold up to the size of a milk carton and easily placed into your backpack and can also fly for a full 27 minutes non-stop for up to 4 miles away. As mentioned, the camera can film in 4K has stability and auto-focus giving you one less thing to worry about while using the controls. Speaking of things to worry about, the Mavic Pro can also land by itself in the very spot it took off from. 

  2. DJI Phantom 4 Pro 

Here are some pros and cons off the bat. 

  • Amazing camera with one-inch sensor 
  • All round obstacle avoidance 
  • Superb battery life 
  • Comprehensive flight programs 

  • Expensive 
  • Not portable (at least in comparison to the Mavic Pro) 

The thing that blows our mind is the one-inch CMOS sensor able of capturing 4K footage at an incredible frame rate of 60 frames / second. So if aerial photography is your thing, then this is the one you need to go for. 

 The battery has been upgraded and can keep your machine afloat for up to 30 minutes, giving you the opportunity to test the 4 mile flying limit it has. 

3. DJI Spark 

Known as the baby brother of the Mavic Pro, the Spark bring your pure entertainment at a budget price.

The Spark comes with front obstacle avoidance and is extremely steady when flying both in and out doors. It camera does not shoot at 4K but still can film at an impressive 1080p and take still shoots at 12-megpixels. Included is a two-axis mechanical stabilizer to provides relatively smooth filming.

 Unfortunately, the battery only provides up to 16 minutes of flying time, but that is not bad considering its size (far better than its competitors). 

 The best part is the flexibility of the controller. It can be controlled in three ways: 

 1. Hand gestures 
 2. Using mobile device 
 3. Using dedicated hand controller 

 It strength and regality was demonstrated when a Spark was flown at 50kph straight into a tree with only one propeller being damaged… everything else work fine, including the camera.  

 4. Zerotech Dobby 

This drone is in a different category. It is a micro drone and smaller than an a smart phone so it is bound to be inferior to bigger drones and lack much in built technology. Nevertheless, you probably won’t find a better-equipped personal selfie drone at this size and price (if that is your thing). 

 You are able to understand how to fly it very quickly, it is very easy to get around and can fly up to 100 metres away via Wi-Fi from any iOS or Android device. Simply unfold the prop arm, sync your phone and open the DoFun app and off your go… you can even control it via voice control. 

  • Smaller than a phone
  • Decent still images (considering its size) 
  • Great value 

  • Camera cannot tilt 
  • Poor video quality 
  • Struggles in windy conditions   

 5. GoPro Karma 

Coming out at about the same time as the DJI Mavic Pro, the Karma is in direct competition with the Magic. 
 The Karma is compact and collapsible (like the Mavic) with its propellers in place, however, it is not as small as the Mavic, but still impressively portable. The front mounted three-axis gimbal is designed to accept the GoPro HERO 4 and 5… and as we know, the HERO does a great job in filming in 4K and 1080p video. 

The Karma’s range is not as impressive as the Mavic and can only be flown at a maximum range of 3km, but in all honesty, that is more than enough for most pilots. 
One out of the box thinking is the use of app software by Sterling which allows for amazing Quick editing of your videos and a navigation app that allows a co-pilot to control the camera while you (the pilot) can concentrate on the flying 

  • Very portable (not as much as the Mavic though)
  • Sophisticated navigation and editing apps
  • Handheld image stabilizer 

  • Limiting range (compared to the Mavic and other competitors) 
  • Limiting battery life 
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What's inside a DJI Drone

- Welcome back to What's Inside.
Today, we have something that we've been
waiting for for a super long time.
An awesome drone.
- We have been watching videos
of people filming with drones
for the longest time.
And, we've wanted one.
They're a little out of our price range.
The price for a Phantom 3 Standard
just dropped to under $500 on Amazon.
So, we were pumped.
We got one of these.
We are gonna do some fun stuff with it
before we actually cut it open.
- I'm so excited.
That is sweet.
Look at that.

- It shoots in HD.
And, you can watch it
in HD while it's flying.
It has two sets

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Top 4 Drone Inventions for 2016

We're really excited to introduce the
PlexiDrone we have thought about the things
That people don't really think about how
do you improve drone technology how do
you make it accessible to everyone.
How do you inspire people to create using
drone technology

At Dreamqii Robotics we believe technology should be building bridges towards new levels of creativity
and productivity rather than barriers
and the PlexiDrone is one of those Technologies
A drone that you can snap
together and take apart in less than one minute
And when you're done you just put
it into your hard shell backpack and
Take it anywhere that

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TEENS vs. DRONES (REACT - People vs. Technology)

(clinking, dialing sounds)
♪ (industrial music) ♪
♪ (synthesizer music) ♪
(Finebros) Today we have
some new technology for you.
Yes! Give it to me!
(Finebros) Specifically this.
What is this flying machine?
Oh my god, it looks like an ant.
It's cute. It's red and black.
It reminds me of a little ladybug.
It's like a little hovercraft.
I guess they're calling them
drones nowadays.
It's, like, all over the Internet.
Seems like a drone.
I do video and stuff. We use drones a lot.
It's a drone of some sort.
It looks like it has
a microphone and a camera.
(Finebros) This is a UAV,
or an unmanned aerial vehicle.

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Shooting DJI Drones with Shotguns

(drone humming)
(gun shot)
(crowd cheers)
(crowd cheers)
(gun shot)
(crowd laughs and cheers)
- Hey guys!
We are so excited, because
we're gonna shoot five drones
out of the air with shotguns.
And we invited our friends, What's Inside.
And I'm gonna literally
show you what's inside
after I blow it out of the sky.
- It sounds so ridiculous,
but that's why I love it.
- So, let's do this thing.
- [Voiceover] Wow.
- [Voiceover] Drone
verse Jared, round one.
- [Voiceover] Whenever you're ready.
- Whenever I'm ready? (laughs)
(gun shot)
- [Crowd] Whoa!
- Did I get it?
- [Voiceover] No, not even close.

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1st time flying a Photography Drone

there was interesting places for a few
shots aren't they
and something which I think it's really
kinda interesting about this place
is the clock tower if you look higher
up there on the tower there's a
one-handed clock
and I can't help but think with the
shape for the roof
on the into the building the that would
really make quite a cool shot
if we could kinda get up clock level and
look along the building to see what it looks like
that could be really really cool
unfortunately not even I can levitate
but luckily I know man who can Simon
Mr. Browne Fancy seeing you ,
English country

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Basic Guidance On Selecting Vital Issues In Rc Drones

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The Best Routes For No-hassle Systems Of Rc Drones

Wanted: Shakespeare for drones | Forest Lake Times

I decided right

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A Quick A-to-z On Effective Programs In Rc Drones

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